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Quality Seeds Launches Low Lignin Non-Transgenic Alfalfa Variety “Boost HG”

Quality Seeds Launches Low Lignin Non-Transgenic Alfalfa Variety “Boost HG”


News Release – September 12, 2016

Quality Seeds Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its newest alfalfa variety “Boost HG”. Boost HG is a non-transgenic low lignin alfalfa that was developed by conventional plant breeding using Hi-Gest® Low Lignin Technology.

Boost HG has improved fibre digestibility and forage quality through a significant reduction in whole plant lignin. This low lignin trait increases digestible energy and animal intake for more milk / meat produced. The 7-10% reduction in lignin increases the extent of fiber digestion by 5-10%, and also increases the rate of fiber digestion which can improve animal intake by 5-10%. Crude protein levels have been shown to be 3-5% higher. The net impact in dairy rations can be 2.5 or more pounds of milk per cow per day.

Boost HG is a high yielding, easy to manage, well adapted variety without concerns about persistence or yield drag. It can provide greater harvest flexibility for higher quality forage on a normal cutting schedule, or the opportunity to extend the harvest date to increase yield without sacrificing forage quality. Boost HG does not contain transgenic glyphosate tolerance so it can be grown successfully in mixtures with high performance Quality Seeds Ltd grass varieties or in pure alfalfa stands.

PDF Brochure Boost HG Alfalfa


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Joel Bagg

Forage Development Specialist & District Sales Manager

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